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My dad 'Bud' taking 2nd place in the truck rodeo Albuquerque NM 1972
Another angle taken in Albuquerque May 1972 at the truck rodeo.
Found this on Plant Worlds website, location Albuquerque NM. It is one of the trucks we used when I worked at Rowland 1974-1975 transporting plants from the grower yard to the display yard. Never left the facility. We called him 'Clyde' and there were 2-3 of these at the San Mateo yard. The original color is the dark green patch, slowly fading away. All of the dents look original...
Original fleet shot at the 'Junkyard' 1980. Truck #1 on the far right was the first truck in the fleet IH 1978 290 Cummins w/10sp hooked up to the first trailer #1 1976 Trailmobile. They put in 2 drivers at first looking for the best way to serve the customers. After the first trip they decided solo drivers were the way to go and bought 4 more road trucks.
#2 1972 IH Loadstar 218 Detroit w/9sp. My first road truck, also became the yard dog. Picture taken after we sold it in 1983. Found it after delivering in Northbrook IL.
#6 and #5 taken in New Hill NC just after delivering to a nuclear plant early 1980. First generation units not yet 1 year old (the IH was a 1976 but we purchased with 0 miles in 1979). Notice bias tires, smaller fuel tanks, no State fuel stickers yet on the body panel next to the foot step. I would spend the next 9 years in this truck.
#3 and #4 taken in the yard 1981. Notice the double fuel tanks (has 4 total)
1976 IH Transtar 2 w/350hp Cummins and 13 speed Roadranger pulling 1972 Fruehauf, former 40 foot intermodal trailer stretched to the 45 foot legal length for the time. This picture was during the 2nd generation of fleet design at Knaack taken 1984 in Crystal Lake IL at the 'JUNKYARD' by Gary B.

#6 and #9 taken 1984 in Crystal Lake IL at the 'JUNKYARD' by Gary B.

Notice the 120 gal Mack fuel tanks. During the 81-82 fuel crisis we added the largest tanks we could find at the time to limit the need to find fuel. Literally, we could not find fuel as supply was low and truckstops ran out on a daily basis. Half the fleet got the 120 gal tanks and the other half got the 2-75 gal tanks we removed so those trucks ended up with 4-75 gal tanks!

Here is a current yard shot May 2015 of #9 1972 Fruehauf and #5 1979 Ohio and #8 1972 Fruehauf. Each unit was retired to storage duty after hitting the million mile mark in 1991. I mentioned above how #9/8 were former 40' intermodal rail trailers stretched to 45' and refurbished. They had a hard life up to 1984 when we bought them but they were/are very solid trailers. I picked up #5 new at the factory in New London OH in March 1979. We had 4 of these 45' drop decks that served us well over the years.
Generation 2 equipment and generation 3 graphics (in process of development). Unit #5 1985 IH 9670 Cummins 300hp/10sp new to us in 1988. These were a step down in power but a huge step up in driver comfort. All equipment still on spring ride. Graphics would not leave the yard like this. The tractors would get full fairings and sleeper would get the Eagle side window to assist with backing. Graphics on the cab would be orange/black stripes, both logos on the top fairing, and driver names on the doors. Generation 1 trucks were retired after 9-10 years and near 1 million miles. Picture taken at the 'Junkyard' 1988.
1988 45' Trailmobile #11 and #12. The grey van/pickup graphics on the sides would become deep blue like on the rear doors. One side would carry Weatherguard logo and eq and the opposite side would carry Knaack logo and eq. Picture taken at the 'Junkyard' 1988.
Picture taken in the yard 1992. Generation 3 graphics would be the last hand painted other than pin-striping and driver names. Driver Mike takes over #8 for me after I take a promotion to the office.
The first truck that I would spec as fleet manager. 1992 IH 9400 EAGLE. The orange K in the fairing lit up at night (1 of 1 proved not worth the effort)
1994 Magnavan 'Maggy' as those who did not drive her liked to call her. At a time when 48 foot trailers were just becoming common, this unit offered 55 feet of continuous trailer space. Power unit is 1994 IH 9800 EAGLE setback front axle. 3406E Cat w/Super 10sp. I specced this unit from the ground up and the list of options are way too long to mention here. The trailer had front doors and the driver would line up on a dock with all 3 sets of doors open, push a button in the cab to release the pins on the stinger drawbar, and slide the units together to load straight thru. Hydraulic lifts would make the unit steady and dock height. If there was no dock, we had double doors on the pass side of both units to unload by hand. We ran this 1 of 1 unit for 6 years, 500k miles. I could not keep a driver happy in it. She involved more work and more time with each load. Graphics are generation #5 and what would be the final look of the fleet up to 2006, end of the line: R.I.P. 1978-2013
Maggy taken at the yard 1994
Another angle of Maggy taken in the yard 1994
1994 #13 Navistar 9400 Cat 3406E Super 10sp our first standup sleeper. 13 was driver Bob's lucky number. He later retired in Las Vegas NV. Trailer also 1994 #13 53' Great Dane. Picture taken on I-15 NB ramp in Payson UT. I was the driver (on a road trip vacation with my family on board) doing my log and noticed someone stopped across the highway taking our picture. We had just bought land there to build a plant in UT and he was the city manager who just happened to see us sitting there. He sent the picture to me.
Driver Mike sent this one to me taken at the yard 2016. 1998 9300 Eagle 3406E CAT/Super 10. I originally spec'd this unit for our flatbed operation hauling steel and aluminum coils back to the plant.
1998 53' Wabash Aluminum Plate trailer #5312. I specced these in a group of 8 and would be our first straight floor trailers thanks to the 53 foot length and the need to be dock friendly for serious backhauls. They were generation 5 graphics that I designed and had installed by Modagrafics Rolling Meadows IL. Relegated to storage and used as a parking lot sign, seems like a waste. Taken in the yard May 2015
1982 KW updated many times/owned by Jeff England founder of Pride Transport. He can still be found out on the 'BIG ROAD'. Picture taken at the 2014 Great Salt Lake Kidney Kamp Truck Show
Current ride 2007 Ford F350 325hp 5 speed automatic taken 2014 Watsonville CA, 48 states several times 250,000 miles and counting...
McKee Foods yard shot 2014 Collegedale TN during a sales call
Domino Transport 2012 Volvo taken Fairfield CA 2015. Driver Bill loading for me heading to IL
Romans Motor Freight 2012 Prostar. Picture taken Glenwood Springs CO. Driver JR delivered a load for me CA to IL Feb 2015
Here is a 2nd picture of Romans Motor Freight May 2015. Driver JR just had matching neon lights added for a nice touch on his 2012 Prostar.
Pride Transport 2014 Freightliner Cascadia taken just west of Yellowstone WY 2015. Driver John is loading for me NJ to UT
Fourway Trucking 2014 Volvo taken in the yard Union City CA 2015. They run SF to LA for me every week (Intrastate CA)
Singer & Sons 2007 KW T600 taken Joplin MO 2015. Driver Jeff heading to IL for me with a load of produce from Yuma AZ.
Dale S Root Trucking 2001 Freightliner Classic with 1,256,000 miles on her. This is Dale's truck. He runs Western NY outbound for the family apple farm and once and a while I get lucky enough to load him back home. Picture taken 2015 Florence SC.
Frock Brothers of PA 2015 KW T660 driver Chris loading for me. Picture taken Fairfield CA heading to Scranton PA 2015.
2004 Volvo with Marsha Trucking. Driver Nadara loaded WA to AZ for me March 2015
2010 Cascadia (former CR England truck) 1,030,000 miles on original (not touched) engine. Driver Dan is an O/O for Dot Foods delivering a load for me CA to Hodgkins IL 2015.
Farnsworth Trucking from UT 2014 KW T680. Owner/Driver Mark heading VA to ID for me May 2015.
Owner/Operator Chris hauling for Aztec Transport loaded and in route for me PA to IL June 2015. 2007 Volvo VNL670
Pride 2013 Cascadia unit 2240 driver Frank pulling an ADM Ozone trailer for me from ID to OK. Picture taken 7/20/15 Pocatello ID
O/O for Dot Foods 2009 Volvo showing 1,273,000 miles on the clock. Driver Robert just finished on a load for me from CA to IL. Photo taken in Mt Sterling IL 7/15.
Pride Transport Flatbed Division driver Brian loaded for me 2/1/16 Decatur IL heading to Long Beach CA
Pride Transport driver Charles loading for me at Chattanooga TN heading to Kershaw SC 2/2/16
Piazza Trucking delivering for me Decatur IL to Terminal Island CA 2/16/16. Local driver doing the drayage work.
Pride 2015 Cascadia truck #2513 driver Albert delivering a load for me IL to GA 4/28/16
Tulio Transport owner/op Greg hauls weekly for me in the local Detroit area. 2007 Volvo VN780 pulling 2001 Wabash. Picture taken Taylor MI 08/2016
Owner Operator Pete delivered a load for me TX to IL in his 'Big Red Monster'. 2001 W900L 86" Studio Sleeper on 278" Wheel Base 550hp Cummins ISX w/13 speed. He has 1.4 Million Miles on it and counting...
Owner Op Phil loading for me IN to NY 6/17. 2016 Mack 395/M7 10sp.  

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