Ron Grieve Collection

I was told of the sudden passing of Ron Grieve at the Flying J in Sherwood park Alberta on November 26, 2011.

These pages of pictures of Ron Grieve's driving career will be a memorial to him

December 17, 1951 - November 26, 2011

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Oil Field Trucks
Scandia Trucking, Ft. St. John, BC in "1969"

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Rig move with HD Hayes 300" Bed truck, North of Ft.St.John, hauling a combination Water tank & Fuel tank Rig move with HD Hayes 300" Bed truck, North of Ft.St.John, hauling Tool Shack & Dog House combination, Location move (under 50 miles) in the bush. Taken in 1969. Taking the Draw works off the Sub Structure
Off the floor with the Draw works Rig all rigged up and ready to drill Taking down the Derrick or Rig
Putting Draw works back on the floor Another Draw works coming down A bit heavy hanging on the live roll(about 30 tons)
Still tearing our rig Sub structure loaded and on the way (Bed truck at each end, one going ahead and one backing up) Sub stuck up to the top of the tires
Help is on the way (D7 on the deck) More help D846A coming Derrick coming down to load it out
W-H-O-O-P-S Derrick on it's way ( Again a truck on each end)
Loading out 3 huge Vessels at Elliah Creek at the end of PGE rail south of Ft. Nelson about 90 miles Still loading The Big one, 114 tons
Big one crossing winter bridge Awe, we made it, didn't break it A lite trotting jag, 32 tons

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